Balcony Construction

ALUMISTR balcony structures consist of aluminium profiles and are manufactured using the latest technologies as per requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. They offer high quality, long life and minimum maintenance requirements.

Aluminium balconies are a convenient replacement for concrete balconies that are past their service life. However, they are also convenient for places without structural balconies where the customer wishes to add one. We are happy to adjust the colour design of the structure or the concrete paving on the floor to the customer’s requirements.

Collaboration with PEKSTRA

In collaboration with PEKSTRA, a company specialised in the execution of additional balcony structures, our AluFlexi system has become the most convenient glazing system that can be used with PEKSTRA balconies.

Owners of these balconies now have the opportunity to increase the comfort of their balcony area by using ALUMISTR glazing.

1) Suspended balconies

Their design offers the greatest range of options for an optimal solution to the new appearance of a block of flats. These balconies are suitable for all building types where the inhabitants want a balcony. The company PEKSTRA installs balconies even on buildings that have not had any balconies. In cooperation with a structural engineer, they design the ideal dimensions of the balconies and arrange for the replacement of windows with balcony doors. The application uses a special suspension system. The size, shape and panelling of the balcony railings are designed based on the customer’s requirements and those of the structural engineering report.

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2) Aluminium loggias with concrete landings

These loggias are composed of individual modules. They are fitted outside the renovated building and can even be added where no balconies have existed previously, or where it is not appropriate to add load to existing structures.

The aluminium loggias can be implemented up to a height of a 6-storey block of flats and with dimensions from 2.50 x 1.50 m up to 4.00 x 2.50 m.

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Photogallery / realization

Photogallery / visualization of PEKSTRA