Frameless Systems

Frameless glazing consists of glass panes without vertical dividing frames and with transparent sealing between the panes, thus giving the impression of a fully glazed area. Leach leaf of transparent safety glass is secured at the top and bottom with plastic components that enable them to slide along guide rails. The opening system is (with the exception of the AluFlexi – frameless) sliding and revolving. One by one, each of the panes is slid to one side of the glazed balcony or loggia and opened into the interior, thus achieving the opening of almost the entire glazed area. They are very easily manoeuvred using a small plastic handle installed on each glass leaf, and the ability to open the leaves into the interior of the balcony or loggia guarantees comfortable use of the whole system.


  • neat design
  • plastic handle on each leaf
  • easy maintenance
  • leaves do not slide in a groove (no risk of freezing if excess water accumulates in the rail)