The AluPlus frame system is used in the production of aluminium railing systems. The frames are either fixed (do not open) or sliding in 2- to 5-part versions. The sliding opening method can be designed with multiple versions of sliding walls. Both versions can be combined in any way.

The windows slide over each other, so that a 5-part version achieves the opening of up to 4/5 of the glazed area. The panel is fitted in the aluminium frame, which runs along top (guiding) and bottom (supporting) rails. You can choose from a wide range of panels. The system can be fitted with glass or double-insulated glass of varying thicknesses.


  • balcony and loggia glazing
  • aluminium railings
  • winter gardens, gazebos and porches
  • glazed walls and partitions
  • fencing or roofing of outdoor restaurant seating


  • good for use with double-insulated glass
  • maximum versatility of the system
  • combination with aluminium railing made from the same glazing system
  • locking in combination with safety glass, provides an effective barrier against burglary

Photogallery / realization

Implementation options