Glazing Systems

ALUMISTR glazing systems are recognised for easy use and minimum maintenance requirements. Glazing expands the usable area of a balcony or loggia and naturally increases living comfort. It protects from noise, dust, pollution, rain and extreme temperatures, and also reduces heating costs in the flat. When safety glass and a lockable glazing version are used, it is also an effective barrier against burglary.

Use of frame and frameless systems

ALUMISTR aluminium systems are applied during renovation or revitalisation of panel buildings and single-family houses, interiors of flats, and commercial spaces in the form of glazed walls and partitions. The timeless combination of aluminium and glass permits the creation of a unique modern look. The aluminium frames can be fitted with various types of glass or other types of panels (such as polycarbonate, plastics, etc.).

All our systems are known for their wide range of applications when dealing with both exteriors and interiors. They can be used for construction or reconstruction of aluminium gazebos, winter gardens, porches for single-family houses, verandas, extensions to houses, holiday homes, cottages, commercial buildings and various atypical shapes of recesses and aluminium structures.

Advantages of ALUMISTR glazing systems

  • functionality, aesthetics, expediency
  • quick and safe installation
  • easy use
  • maintenance-free operation
  • elegant design
  • protection from noise, dust, pollution and inclement weather
  • reduced heat loss
  • long life
  • possibility of locking (can be locked on either side, except for AluVista and AluVerso systems)
  • clever water drainage solution via drain holes
  • all ALUMISTR systems are duly certified